Nordictrack Incline Trainer X9i


(I purchased this treadmill for my teenaged daughter, but she did not use it enough to justify its purchase.)

Amplify your fitness training with the X9i incline trainer's exceptional versatility and cutting-edge features. Its incredible 40% to -6% incline/decline range lifts it above traditional treadmills and lets you burn up to five times the calories, just by walking. Every step is completely cushioned thanks to Reflex shock absorption beneath the wide, stable tread belt. A 10-inch integrated color tablet with an iFit® Technology-enabled Android browser keeps you focused throughout your workout. Re-create real-life hikes on a treadmill with workouts powered by Google Maps™ and bold color Street Views on a touch display. The incline and decline adjust automatically to match the terrain of you're the trail.

Accelerate your training and weight loss with incline and decline on the X9i incline trainer. With up to 40 percent incline, you'll burn up to five times the fat calories just by walking. And, you'll recruit more muscle targeting your hips, quads and gluts. Adjust your elevation at a touch with simple 1-Touch™ Incline and Decline controls.

We know the hype with the X9i is all about the incline, after all, it is called the Incline Trainer, but we can't forget the importance of decline training. Take the deck down to -6 percent to add variety and realistic training to your program, perfecting your cadence and strengthening your legs.

This extra-long, 62-inch tread belt is a first on an incline trainer. It's perfect for every foot strike, long or short strides, and is built to withstand mile after mile. Reflex™ Cushioning absorbs every impact keeping your joints and back protected and comfortable.

Combine iFit® Technology with a 40 percent incline and -6 percent decline, plus a 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen and you get the most advanced treadmill in the world. Using Google Maps™, you create your own run, anywhere in the world, X9i adjusting the incline and decline in real time as you run. Experience satellite, map or even street view for a completely lifelike experience on the new stunning 10-inch touch screen web browser.

0 – 12 MPH Speed
Walk, jog or run – the X9i incline trainer accommodates every workout with speeds up to 12 miles per hour. Adjust your speed at the touch of a button.
Reflex™ Cushioning
Suspending nearly the entire length of the deck, Reflex™ Cushioning absorbs impact to protect your joints and back and enhance comfort. Two isolators cushion at heel strike and maintain strength and stability at toe off.
20" x 62" Tread Belt
Stretch out your stride with this extra-long, commercial tread belt built to withstand any type of training. It grips and moves with you for a comfortable, natural stride.
3.0 CHP Motor
Built to take on any training schedule, the X9i Incline Trainer features a heavy-duty drive system that delivers smooth, consistent power. The 3.0 CHP DurX™ Commercial Plus Motor and integrated belt drive set the performance standard for all types of training – intervals, hills, endurance.
0 – 40% Incline
Reduce impact on your joints and burn more calories with incline training. Take the deck up to 40 percent incline with just the touch of a button.
-6 – 0% Decline
Real-world terrain has its ups and downs, and so does the X9i incline trainer. Add variety to your workout and build leg strength with declines down to 6 percent.
Weight Capacity
350 lb. User Capacity*** ***If you weigh more than 250 lbs., your X9i incline trainer cannot support speeds of more than 4 MPH from -3% to -6% decline.
Wireless Chest Strap
Maximize your results with heart rate training. The included Polar® wireless chest pulse strap sends a continuous reading to the display so you stay in the right training zone for better, faster results.
Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts Warranty, 2-Year Labor Warranty
Heart Rate Monitor
Stay in your target heart rate zone with the CardioGrip™ heart rate monitor. Sensors are built into both handlebars for a quick, accurate reading.
69.1" L X 36.8" W X 59.7" H