Proform Treadmill 580x Interactive Trainer


There is no doubt that Proform; the largest producer of fitness equipment in the world produces durable and superior products, Proform 580x treadmills are no exceptions.

The Proform 580x, features a 2.5HP motor for speeds up to 10MPH, a Pro Shox™ cushioned 19x55" belt with up to 10 percent power incline, 8 workout options, and since Proform pioneered the concept, a fold-away design.

The walking belt is coated with performance lube, a high performance lubricant.


The treadmill console offers a host of features to help you make the most of your workout, these include options like changing the incline and speed of the treadmill.


The console gives you instant exercise feedback and shows your heart pulse rate while you are training.


The best part is that it has an interactive technology, which is like having a personal trainer at home.


Using the included audio cable, you can also use your stereo, television or computer, you could also hear an CD, which is included with this pack.


You could also connect online with site and attend the various sessions.


As we all know, the treadmill is the best way to lose fat and tone muscles throughout your legs and lower body, it also generates power, straining your abdomen and pectoral regions providing for a full body workout.


I am the second owner of the treadmill, it works great and looks good.  There is no damage, all functions work.  It also has a cooling fan in the console to help you stay cool while running.  I enjoyed the machine, but have moved own to different workout equipment and no longer need it.  I live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and can deliver up to 30 miles for $10 more. Email if you have any questions, thank you for looking and bidding.